#Hello, we add value with the Services That We Provide Here At Pork and Digital, This is categorised by the services our customers need at each stage of their online business development and digital implementation. The process with understanding. Understanding of our customers business, staying within our own specialism means that we hit the ground running and don’t waste valuable time figuring out the industry, just helping our customers pave their journey within it!

We then work with the business to create a digital strategy from concept and design through to digital marketing and measuring performance. We have a team of experts to advise on each of our client’s service areas, which enables us to provide and deliver a complete and effective digital strategy.

Pork and Digital


Research, Data, Strategy, Implementation, Analysis

Pork and Digital


Bespoke User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

Pork and Digital


Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Design

Pork and Digital


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing

Some Of The Services That We Provide Here At Pork and Digital

Digital Marketing

The foundation of our digital marketing process is built on the three pillars; data, strategy and implementation Our Digital experts assess the impact and effectiveness of your digital technologies and investigate what your competitors are doing. Then our team identifies KPIs for further measurement and evaluation of the online strategy success, as well as shaping and prioritising solutions that will provide maximum impact and effectiveness to suit your budget, timings and resources.

We start with an initial consultation in which we learn about your business, products, services, goals and current challenges. We evaluate your website thoroughly for SEO and user experience, perform a content audit to determine where there may be gaps in your content marketing and research your competitors to determine their participation in digital marketing. Based on this information, we create a digital marketing blueprint that includes detailed buyer personas to guide targeting efforts and strategies for organic SEO, PPC marketing, content marketing and social media.


For our clients, we integrate in-depth market and audience research, always with both short- and long-term goals. Pair this with digital marketing best practices to drive revenue, customer engagement and inevitably brand loyalty. We hope to be that involved in your marketing that we transcend the ‘Client – Agency’ dynamic and become a single, integrated, team working towards a unified vision


Data analysis helps you determine what channels visitors use to reach you via your digital presence, what their buying behaviour is like after they visit your website and what pages of your website receive the most traffic. Conversely, data analysis also reveals which website pages receive the least amount of traffic, which points out the need to revise the content of some pages with new keywords and images in order to attract more website traffic and increase the chances of sales conversions.


Every successful digital marketing campaign starts with a strong strategy. We can help you build a focused digital strategy with ROI at the top of priority or partner with you to make your current strategy even better. Our agency will consult with you, perform market research, and create a game plan that centres around your target customers. You’ll start seeing results in no time.


For many organisations the most difficult part of any initiative, including digital marketing, is the implementation of the plan. From account set up and optimisation to content creation and ongoing social media management, Pork and Digital’s digital marketing implementation services provide the tactical support you need to execute your strategy.


We Continually Track, Collect, And Measure Data For Ongoing Optimisation And ROI Growth. Our digital marketing campaigns are created to target your audience and solve your complex business problems. We use specific data, unique to the channel in question to analyse KPIs performance, then integrate this data with third-party reporting tools to measure separate channel performance together. Our team transforms this data into two things; insights to increase performance and comprehensive analytics reports that tie the investment your business made with the results.

Web Design UI & UX

Bespoke websites with full access to a CMS system guaranteed to turn a digital shop window into your best performing sales entity!

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) – Expertly designed bespoke websites focusing on the user, easy to navigate and with clear calls to action. We got you.

Graphic Design

We use data to drive design and create engaging digital products and websites across all devices. The UI is the first thing that the user will see when discovering a website or digital product, so we work extensively to create an engaging user experience.


We can help you stand out while still keeping true to your company’s ethos. We care about your brand, that’s why we help companies realise their true potential and be consistent in the eyes of your customer so your message is always clear!

Graphic Design

Need some flyers designed? Need a digital advert designed to inspire your audience? We have a dedicated team of graphic designers ready to design your vision and put it before your customers.

Logo Design

your logo is an integral part of your brand. If you would like to re-brand, touch up or start a new brand. We have a free consultation process to help you envision your brand, your way!

SEO, PPC & Social Media


Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaigns deliver measurable results that increase web traffic, enquires, sales and ultimately revenue.We have the skills and know how to ensure your website increases rankings through SEO strategies and leave your competition behind within organic search results.We start from the beginning, working through the websites technical infrastructure, optimising and enhancing its content and applying strategies to deliver results.


With the vast number of websites in existence, users can have a difficult time finding what they need, and companies can have a hard time drawing the right kind of convertible traffic to their site. We help you cut through the cluttered space with custom Pay per Click (PPC) search-engine ads, created with you target audience specifically in mind, so they can find what they’re looking for and find it on your site

Social Media

Our team of social media marketing experts can help you utilise the latest social media trends and best practices to develop a strategy that educates and engages followers as well as converting them into loyal customers. We also have considerable experience setting up and managing paid social advertising campaigns to generate high quality leads.

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