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Our mission is simple we grow by helping you grow. No long-winded mission statements incorporating adjectives and buzz-words alike. We keep it simple and get the job done. How do we do this?  Through data driven campaigns and beautiful, responsive, user friendly websites. Now that’s the simplified version, there’s much more to it! Check out more detail here.

We work with businesses specifically in the engineering, manufacturing, construction and associated industries to utilise the platforms and marketing strategies available through digital marketing to meet their business goals. As a full service digital agency, whether you are aiming to increase leads, boost sales or grow brand awareness, we can support you to achieve your goals through our wide range of integrated tactics and strategies including Digital Strategy, SEO, PPC, SEM, Social Media Management and Web Design

We work with you as a partner in order to not only deliver you great results, but also foster a great relationship. This way, we grow by helping you grow.

Who are Pork and Digital

Nestled in the historic Blackstaff Mill in Belfast, a Linen Mill dating back to the Victorian era. The textile industries of this bustling city beginning its life in its infancy as a small player in the global market which then grew to be the largest in the world. We share this ambition and draw on its history of manufacturing and innovative engineering as we follow our own paths to create something world class.

The Pork and Digital team are a collection of enthusiastic individuals who live and breathe all things marketing and digital delivery methodologies. The team is a great blend of experience and new talent – as such our studio is always abuzz with creativity and fresh ideas, which is expertly guided by the wisdom and insight that comes with experience in order to produce real, measurable results. Over our lifetime we have worked with some brilliant clients, from small start-ups, eager to prove themselves, to huge international companies looking to reinvent. One of the things we pride ourselves on most is our client retention rate and our high standard of client satisfaction. Get in touch to find out how a partnership with Pork and Digital can benefit your business.

Where the f%*k does Pork and Digital come from?

Ok, so as you can imagine, we get this question ALOT. No, we are not sausage marketers, No, we do not operate in the Pork industry (Although that would be kind of cool, i have always liked pigs!). So where then?

Well it all started with a harmless home cooked meal. Apologies to any vegans who may be in the readership, however, I was preparing a meal for my partner and our kids which just so happened to be pork chops. My eldest sons impatience lead to multiple fielding of the question “Are they ready yet?” to which I replied, “Its pork son, it has to be well done! lets not rush it” This lead to a discussion around the dinner table (the chops were ready at this stage) all around what else had to be well done. We went through, school work, home work, planning and of course my work. My youngest son (3 years of age) who was oblivious to the conversation appeared to have a moment of clarity and wisdom much beyond his years and announced “Daddies work is well done and Daddies Dinner is well done.” This brought my mind to the correlation; much like pork, marketing had to be well done to be effective. So, I guess I really should credit my kids with the name, and I will forever have to take the time to explain to bewildered clients and hope they get it. Thanks boys!

Pork and Digital; Marketing well done.

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