5 Tips for Great Social Media Marketing

Hello! As you can imagine we get asked A LOT about social media! Some people are quick to dismiss it, some wish they had more time for it and some have no idea what they should be doing! With that in mind, check out our 5 Tips for Great Social Media Marketing

1. Have a Strategy!!

Education in marketing is super important. I’m not saying everyone has to

run out and get a marketing degree, but it certainly helps! The problem we

face as marketers are organisations and managers who do not understand the

marketing function.

A lack of understanding around ‘Digital Marketing’ has forced the focus on to

the implementation phase of the process. Like building a house without

foundations, a social media action plan without a data driven strategy

may well hold up ok, but it will not hold up to scrutiny and certainly isn’t an

optimal use of resources.

Why are you on social media? What do you hope to achieve through social

media? Who is you target audience? Have I consulted my Buyer Profiles?

What problems can you help them over-come? How will you measure ROI

and define success? Where does social media fit into your funnel?

These are some of the questions you must ask yourself! Remember, as Rick

Page said

– Hope is not a strategy!

2. Choose your Platforms!!

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest – the list is

endless! So, what questions do we need to ask ourselves? If you thought –

What is the right social media platform for my business/product? You would

be sailing away from the marketing reasoning for being on social media in

the first place and into that dangerous area of implementation without data

driven strategy. As marketers, we should be asking -What is the right social

media platform for my customers?

By now you will have a data driven strategy, right? In that strategy you will

have your buyer profiles? Right? maybe not! Buyer profiles are a key

component to your strategy. YOU know your business better than anyone, by

that rational, you will know your customers better than anyone! Know you

customers, create your buyer profiles and ascertain where you customer is

likely to be!

So, let’s say your typical customer is male, aged between 25-37, is a constant

professional or aspires to be so. Works long hours and spends his time in

meetings and networking events. He would appear to enjoy expensive foreign

holidays and a good glass of red wine! Now, based on this buyer profile,

would you expect to see this customer on Pinterest? Or would Linkedin be a

better fit? I am not here to answer these questions, just to inspire you to put

these questions to your own strategy!

Be where your customer needs you to be!

3. Engagement before promotion!

The temptation to take the easy road is always there!

At any time of the day or week your smart phone has direct access to social

media and by proxy your customers. How do you use that connection? By

posting the picture of your latest product offering 5 times a day, right?

WRONG! Remember social media is just that… Social!

What do we mean by that? Well, people always ask me how to use social

media correctly, first thing I say is forget self-promotion! Think of social

media as a busy restaurant, you see a potential customer you have been

wanting to connect with. Would you –

A. Shout your latest promotion at them from across the restaurant?

B. Sit down beside them with a picture of your product without saying


Of course, you wouldn’t! You would start a conversation, create a connection

or help with a problem. Engage, entertain and educate! Once you have a

genuine connection with you audience, the conversation will flow and so will

your funnel!

4. Show some personality!

It’s difficult to connect with a brand that posts promotional content

constantly, that’s why it’s important for your personality to shine through.

Think about brands you follow, what make you follow them? What makes

them special?

Snickers had an ingenious campaign in 2012 when they hired 5 celebrities to

use twitter to send out 5 tweets each which was completely out of character

for them. The campaign slogan was “You’re not you when you’re hungry”.

Model Katie Price tweeted about the macro-economic climate which sent

shockwaves through twitter and even caused a mention in the houses of

parliament! After four tweets she then sent out a picture of herself with a

snickers bar and the strap-line “You’re not you when you’re hungry’ a

relatively in expensive campaign of 25 tweets reached an audience of 26

million people across print, television and social media. I’ve added a link to

the campaign here!

This campaign utilised the personality of the celebrities while allowing their

own personality to shine through, perfect!

Its social media, be social, be yourself and interact! The rest will follow.

5. Make a commitment!

So, you have started a new business, your branded it, you believe in it, you

have started your social media profiles, that’s all you need right? Nope. It’s

not as easy as that!

Social media is hard work. It really is! Like any form of marketing it takes

time to build your audience, segment them, build content around your buyer

profiles, engage with your audience, measure results, analyse and amend. It’s

all too often I see brands give up on social media after 6 months stating that

its “worthless” or “not for our brand/industry”

This all comes back to your strategy! Plan it out and hold yourself

accountable! Does your social media hold true to your mission statement?

Does it follow your brand and the tone of voice you wish to convey to the

online community? Why will people follow you on social media, what kind

of content do you plan on posting and what do you want to get out of it??


There you have it! A snapshot of social media and how you can utilise it for

your business. If you have any questions, as the saying goes, sound off in the

comments and let’s start engaging!